Industrial & Commercial Services

Industrial & Commercial Services

The professionals at Svoboda Capital Partners have a strong track record in the transportation & logistics services sector. Our 25+ years of experience working across the value-added distribution ecosystem allows us to have unique insight and perspective into common business challenges. Our history of partnering with management teams combined with our long-term success offers a level of experience and a network of relevant contacts that will support businesses in the transportation & logistics services industry.


  • Strong operating margins cash flow generation
  • Differentiated market position with high barriers to entry
  • Efficient use of working capital and solid cash management
  • High customer retention and recurring revenue models
  • Technology enabled infrastructure
  • Strong customer retention and diversification

Examples of Target Sectors/Niches

  • Facility Services
  • Landscaping Services
  • Environmental Services
  • HVAC and Building Services
  • Telecommunications Services
  • Engineering and Infrastructure Services
  • Testing, Inspecting and Certification Services