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Cigars International, Inc.

Cigars International, Inc.

Company Overview & Background

Founded in 1996, Cigars International (“”Cigars””) is a leading catalog and Internet direct marketer of premium, hand-rolled cigars and cigar accessories to retail and wholesale customers. The company offers nationally recognized, proprietary and exclusive premium cigars via its catalogs, Internet website and retail locations.

In 2004, SC recapitalized the business in partnership with the Cigars management team.

Investment Thesis

Leverage SC omnichannel direct marketing experience to drive lifetime customer value.

Capitalize on the share shift from traditional independent cigar retailers to direct marketers.

Capitalize on a fragmented marketplace and pursue selective add on acquisitions.

SC Value Add

Worked closely with management to implement systems and processes to professionalize the business and support future growth.

Helped identify and onboard key management resources.

Instituted increased rigor around financial reporting and working capital managment.

Identified and executed add on acquisitions.

Investment Highlight

Successfully completed the acqusition of, a Lake Forest-based online retailer of cigar products.

Cigars experienced strong organic revenue and EBITDA growth throughout SC’s investment period.

Successfully launched proprietary cigar and lifestyle products to drive organic growth.


SC sold Cigars International to Swedish Match in August 2007. The acquisition by Swedish Match, the world’s second-largest cigar company, provided them a direct-to-the-consumer channel.

“Working with SC was a pleasure from start to finish. Their team of dedicated professionals provided me and my team with the operational insight and financial flexibility needed to be successful.”

Keith Meier

Founder & CEO, Cigars International, Inc.