Consumer Products & Services

Consumer Products & Services

We target innovative companies that, via organic and acquisition growth, develop, produce and distribute consumer goods and services. We understand that an identifiable brand, high levels of service and a strong value proposition generate customer loyalty and recurring demand. Our goal at SC is to empower middle market companies with the opportunity to achieve market leadership through organic growth and strategic add-on acquisitions.


  • Defensible market leadership
  • Innovative product design, merchandising or retail services
  • Non-cyclical, recurring demand products
  • Superior customer service models
  • End market and product expansion opportunities

Examples of target sectors/niches

  • Enthusiast lifestyle
  • Specialty food and beverage
  • Omnichannel direct marketing
  • Craft and hobby
  • Pet Care

“SC has provided unique industry insights and relationships to help our business grow while empowering our team to operate with autonomy.”

John Crean

President & CEO, Sonoma Creamery

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